Continuous Internal Evaluation

Continuous internal evaluation is one of the core features of the Choice based credit system. We implement 75:25 pattern of examination system as proposed by the affiliating university. 75 marks for year end theory examination fall under external evaluation. The remaining 25 marks fall under internal examination. Formative assessment in the class room has been the hall mark of our institution. With most of the faculty at their prime in teaching career, digital tools like Kahoot and Plickers are used for formative assessment of students. Senior faculty is assisted in the use of these digital tools. Formative assessment is given weightage in mid semester examination. Weightage is also given to regularity and discipline.

            Examination cell oversees the conduct of internal examinations under the guidance of IQAC and academic cell of the college. Internal examinations are organized at college level rather than at departmental level for giving real time examination experience to the students. For monitoring the conduct of examination, senior faculties are assigned observer duties. Two students are allotted per desk at the examination hall for transparent conduct the process. Two invigilators are allotted per hall and relievers are also arranged per each block. Two mid semester examinations are conducted for each semester. The mid semester examinations and formative assessment form the back bone of internal evaluation at the college level.

            Shortly after the conduct of mid semester examination, the valued answer scripts are distributed to the students in the classroom. Students are given time to reflect on their performance and also on the quality of evaluation. Grievances, if any, are addressed in the classroom. Re-examination is conducted for slow learners or under performance. Absentees are given a chance to write the mid semester examination after the examination cell is satisfied with the reason provided by the candidate.

            The grievances regarding the marks in external examination are sent to the affiliating university by the principal after due verification. The institution being a non-autonomous college, only internal evaluation (25 marks) falls under our purview.